QUALITY of Products and Services, value for money, Environmental and Social responsibility, and Sustainable development are major issues by which the public will judge business and industry in future. This makes them KEY to success or failure of YOUR business.

How does YOUR business measure up to the values and demands of the 21st century ?

What is your current legal compliance status ?

Have you identified your Environmental Aspects & Impacts ?

Do you have an Integrated holistic management system in place ?

What ‘gaps’ do you need to fill ?

Do you have a plan with Objectives and Targets in place to help you achieve this in a
systematic way ?

What are your CORE Objectives – have you developed a strategy to achieve them?

How do you MANAGE CHANGE, ensure people buy-in, and effectiveness of new structures and processes ?

Liz Anderson & Associates will assist you to identify and manage these issues in an Integrated way by providing an appropriate team of Professionals to meet each clients’ business needs.